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Event Consultants, LLC provides a wide range of services for our clients, and we offer these items a la carte – some of our clients need assistance with one or two areas within meeting planning, whereas others may need help from start to finish. Here are some of the most requested and utilized services – and if you don’t see them listed here – just ask! We’ll help - we’re here to be of service. 


It started with a thought

How could an event planning company be different?

How could we manage a successful event and be committed to our clients’ visions and ideas and stand

out among our competitors? The power of know. 

Know the client. Know the goal. Know how. 

So, we stopped working for someone else and started working for our clients. We took the power of know

and put it to use. We created our formula for the best personal and customer service, and we put it to the test. And it worked. 

From coast to coast and continents abroad, this team

will work for you to develop and manage your event - from the first conversation to the final bill – all at the highest standards, for you. 

The power of know. It starts right now.

Scroll on to learn more about what we can do for you. 

Hotel/Venue Sourcing

A frequently requested service, and one that is provided complimentary, is hotel and venue sourcing. We spend time with our clients
to talk about the program or event and we uncover the most important details through this conversation no matter how small.
What is the vision of the event? Where has it been held before – and what worked, and what didn’t? We want to find the very best fit
for your event – whatever city, country, or location around the world. It’s all about what will work to accommodate all aspects of the
program. Along the way, we will share our ideas, expertise, and advice, based on our experiences, to ensure that no detail is spared. 

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Pre-Event Planning

So now, maybe you have already found your hotel, or we have done the work with you – what’s next? Pre-Event planning!


From food and beverage/menu planning to audio-visual and production, from décor & entertainment to staffing and registration, let us manage this with you and for you.


We work with our clients as it suits them – some of our clients prefer that we take on the entire project and then present an invoice for services. Others prefer to sign directly with vendors and suppliers and have us place a management fee on the final invoice. We’re truly a flexible solution – and will work with our clients in a way that creates the right formula for each project. 

Onsite Management/Assistance

The hotel is booked, the meetings are arranged, the events are planned, the banquet event orders (BEOS) are written up – but don’t worry – you’re not doing this alone! We are able to provide you with event management – again at a highly competitive price structure. 

We charge a flat rate per person per day plus expenses - airfare, transfers, hotel and meals. The number of staff required varies on the level of involvement and the scope and size of the event. This gives you a person - or a team - on the ground to be the liaison with the hotel and your vendors and suppliers. They are there for you, from set up to tear down and everything in between, to make sure all goes as planned. This gives you the ability to focus on the reason you are there in the first place – your attendees, your sponsors and your guests! 

Event Resources

Again, we are a la carte – so if you just need ideas, or a resource for any part of your event, we are also very happy to refer you directly to some of the best companies in the business for registration, staffing, décor, entertainment, transportation, production and more. 

Feel free to ask for more details for any of the services above, and any not listed herein, where you need support for your meeting or event. We know we can be of service to you and provide you with

an exceptional and unique event experience. 

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Beth J. Duke
Chelle Duke
Director, Meetings & Events
Rebecca Taliancich
Manager, Meetings & Events

Dianne Adkins
Account Manager

Gina Longstreth
Project Manager

Maddie Taliancich
Project Manager

Lorraine Gibson
Registration Manager
Event Consultants, LLC
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